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  • Fill in all the applicable fields: SWIFT or IBAN code, Account details, upload a Bank Statement (preferably issued within the last 3 months). 

    For Canadian clients, the "Routing Number" field is a mandatory information and should be provided in this format (0 YYY XXXXX eg 000304197 ).

    Guidelines on how to find your Canadian bank's routing number:

    - Bank Statements: Routing numbers are often listed on bank statements, particularly for personal checks or electronic transactions.

    -Bank Websites:
    Many banks provide routing number information on their websites. You can visit the official website of the bank you're interested in and look for a section dedicated to routing numbers or FAQs.

    -Contact the Bank: If you're unable to find the routing number through other means, you can contact the bank directly via phone, email, or in-person visit and inquire about the routing number for your specific account or branch.
  • Review the bank details submission and hit submit. 

  • Note that review and approval of banking info can take 1 -2 business day ( processing time during Sydney business hours). 

    Visit our Support via LiveChat for any questions or assistance.
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