Are there Deposit and Withdrawals fees?

1 min. readlast update: 06.12.2024

Afterprime does not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawal. However, please note that payment to and from payment service providers (PSPs) may incur a transfer fee which are independent of Afterprime. Afterprime does not take responsibility for such fees.

**Deposit facilities are to be used for trading only. Please keep in mind that we cover the merchant fee’s eg. e-wallet such as Neteller, crypto payment providers, bank wire and Credit Card deposits on behalf of our clients - in some cases up to 4% of the deposit amount. We are happy to do so as long as our clients are using the facility to deposit funds to trade with and not to game the system for their own benefit such as reward points on their account.

If a client deposits funds via any of our deposit channels and then requests a withdrawal of these funds with no trading (or minimal trading) on their account then we reserve the right to charge the applicable merchant fees to the clients account upon their withdrawal. We will actively notify clients where we find suspicious activity. Recurring cases of abuse will see the clients account immediately closed.

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