Demo Trouble-Shooting

1 min. readlast update: 04.01.2020


Option (1)

If the "Next" button is inactive its likely due to a "space" or additional symbol which is causing it to remain inactive. If this is the case please review the details in the E-Mail and Phone Number section as this is likely the cause of the error. (See below)

Option (2)

Move back to the Trading Server's option and create a new server called


Choose that option when creating a demo and then try again.

Option (3)

Disable your firewall temporarily to see if there is a block on MT4 preventing the "Next" button from activating.

Disable your AV temporarily and repeat the same process.

If the "Next" button persists in not activating there is likely a proxy setting that is blocking port 443 (standard MT4 port) from being accessed. 

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