Fund via VNPAY (PaymentAsia)

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VNPAY is an APM (alternative payment methods) solution integrated with Vietnamese banks to allow clients to locally fund via their bank accounts in Vietnam. Clients fund via VND and the funds will be converted to USD. Clients will need to send VND to the designated account along with deposit slips showing the exact amount that they sent.

Important Note: if 400k VND is selected to be sent, 400k VND needs to be sent from the client bank account and be noted in the deposit slip.


1. Log into the client portal:

2. Choose the trading account you wish to fund and select Deposit this will open the deposit frame, navigate to the VNPAY option. You'll need to determine the amount in VND that you'll be depositing to your trading account

3. You'll then be redirected to a new window to proceed with the payment. Review the instructions and the amount requested and select Pay Now 

4. Pay attention to the next pop-up as it will explain how to fill in your required reference number.

5. Enter in the transaction details, make sure the amount that you are sending matches exactly the amount that was initially requested, upload the proof of the payment and finalize the transaction by clicking the “TÔI ĐÃ TRẢ TIỀN” button 

6. Wait for the transaction to complete and upon success the funds would be allocated to your trading account in your trading account currency.

For QR transactions:
The additional features of the process flow include scanning the QR and entering the OTP when prompted. Proof of Payment and confirming the I PAID button will complete the transaction, taking you to the same above images.

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