How do I fund my Afterprime account?

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Updated 5 months ago

Please note that funding method availability may vary and will depend on the country from which the end user is funding from. To find out which deposit options are available in your jurisdiction, contact our Support team.

You may also visit our website for more details:

Available Deposit Methods:

- International Bank wire transfers
- Credit / Debit Card
- FasaPay
- Gate8
- DragonPay
- VNPay
- PromptPay
- Pagsmile
- Interac
- PerfectMoney
- Neteller
- Skrill
- BinancePay (LetKnow)
- Finrax

  1. Login to the client portal and click on ‘Deposit’.

  2. Click on the drop down arrow and select the account that you wish to fund.

  3. Select ‘Make a Deposit’.
  4. Scroll through the different funding options using these two arrows.

  5. Select the funding method you would like to use, input the necessary details and press the deposit button.

    Note: Avoid refreshing the page while the transaction is in progress or completed.

    If there are any issues with your deposit, please visit Livechat and one of our friendly Support will be happy to assist.
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