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Updated 10 months ago

Subscription to Real-time Market Data


To subscribe to Real-time Market Data on your LIVE TraderEvolution (TE) User, please Login to the TE platform and:


1.  Click “Account” dropdown and select “Products"

2.  Select “Catalogue” Tab and click “Subscribe” under the desire Real-time Market Data product – you can choose US Equities Real-Time Data. This will give you Real-Time, Top of Book, price data for the US equities.

Please note subscription is automatic and instant. Upon subscription being activated, you will be charged the subscription fee immediately.

(Note all data subscription fees are charged upon subscription and every subsequent month.)


US Equities Real-Time, Top of Book data:

o    Retail clients: 1 USD per month

o    Pro clients: 5 USD per month

 3.  Click “Active” tab in the Products window, and you will see all the Pricing you are subscribed to. Note that in below image, products in green are automatically subscribed to and are free.

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