CFD Cryptocurrency Swap Calculation

Written by Afterprime
Updated 10 months ago

CFD Cryptocurrency swap calculations follows:

Lots x Contract Size x End of Day Price x Swap Long or Short % / 100 / 360

: the swap for CFD Cryptocurrencies is annualised, thus the above calculation represents a daily fee. Also, Contract Sizes are 1 for all Cryptocurrencies except for XRPUSD, which is 100.As an example, if you have a short position of 1 lots (1 unit) of BTCUSD, with an end of day price of 10,000 USD, and the swap is -30.98 then:

0.5 lots x 1 x 10,000 USD x -30.98 / 100 / 360 = -4.30 USD

This will also be converted into your account currency automatically.
Note: triple swap charge takes place on Thursday for CFD Cryptocurrencies in MT4.

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