How to Withdraw Funds

1 min. readlast update: 06.12.2024

1.Login to

2.Click the "Withdrawal" tab:

3.Select the Account Number, Withdrawal method (eg. bank wire, credit/debit card, available e-Wallets, crypto) and fill in the Amount. 

Note: Credit/Debit Card deposits are always refunded first before funds can be sent via other methods - if there is remaining Credit/Debit Card deposit from within 120 days at the time of your withdrawal request- refunding this amount in a separate withdrawal is advised.


4.Click Submit.

5. Verify your Withdrawal Request with an OTP Code (you may choose to receive your One-Time Password either via your registered email or mobile number on file)

5.The newly submitted Withdrawal request will be visible under the 'Account Statement'. 


Contact LiveChat Support for assistance, if required.



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