What documents do I need to open an account at Afterprime?

2 min. readlast update: 06.12.2024

To open your Forex live account with Afterprime, we require a proof of ID and residence documents. You will need the following documents to upload during the online registration:

  1. Proof of Identity – an official and valid government ID that contains the client’s name, date of birth, photo and signature:
    -  Passport
    -  National ID card
    -  Residence ID card
    -  Driver’s license

    Validity date: At least six (6) months from date of submission

  2. Proof of Address – a document that contains the complete physical address and full name of the client:
    - Bank / credit card statement 
    - Utility statement (electricity, water, wired internet, landline phone)
    - Driver’s license (must be a recent issue and not submitted as proof of ID).

    All submitted  document must with issued within the last six  (6) months, not edited/ altered and no P.O. box addresses. 

Please make sure that the forms you submit are correct and not missing any vital information, as any mistakes will delay your application approval. Note: We reserve the right to require for additional documents if deemed necessary to approve an application. 

Learn more about client KYC, AML and other account opening policies. 

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